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FinSuite’s Client On boarding module is the most advanced on boarding solution in the industry. It helps IFAs, RIAs and Stock Brokers onboard mutual fund clients on NSE NMF, BSE Star & MF Utility platforms in 1 single click. For SEBI registered entities data is automatically sent to CVL KRA for KYC registration. Customised forms can also be generated. Watch video for quick over view of the solution.


Below are the main features of FinSuite Client On boarding solution

1. Mobile On boarding

IFA can onboard a client on NSE, BSE, MFU using his smart phone. KYC also can be done from mobile using CAMS eKYC facility.

2. Paperless on boarding

Paperless on boarding is possible where the platforms NSE, BSE and MFU do not require any paper submission.

3. Bulk Client Data Upload

Client data can be easily uploaded from mail back files. Uploaded data is pre filled while on boarding thus saving data entry time. Great way to migrate all your offline customers online.

4. IFA independent On boarding

If you want clients to complete the on boarding processes without your intervention then it is possible using FinSuite On boarding solution.

5. Maker Checker Option

If you want that one user enters data and then other user checks and approves then this feature is also available.

6. Status Report

A detailed status report once client is on boarded for better transparency.

7. Signed Docs Upload Facility

You can upload all the documents and signed forms on all platforms right from FinSuite Workstation.

8. Multiple ARNs supported

Onboard clients on multiple ARNs easily form FinSuite. No restrictions on number of ARNs.

9. Customised Data Collection Pages

Collect only that data you want from clients using your customised, secure and awesome client data collection pages.

10. Printing data on pre signed blank forms

You will love this feature. Just get client signatures on blank account opening and KYC forms and then using our special blank printed forms, print data on pre signed forms. No visiting the client again for signatures or filling data on signed forms with hand.

11. On boarding for sub brokers / Partners

You can have sub broker or partner logins and they can onboard clients from their logins under your ARN. Think BIG!.

12. Customised Pre Printed Forms

With a small additional onetime fee FinSuite can generate any other extra pre printed form for you. Client engagement letter or on boarding forms for stock brokers can easily be generated.

13. Client Segmentation

Segment your clients as per your pre set parameters during on boarding itself.

14. On boarding Dashboard

After onboarding easily track account opening status, mandate status from onboarding dashboard right from within finsuite.

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Can an investor understand the value of equity investing just by reading or watching videos about it? He has to invest to experience its value. Similarly use FinSuite on boarding solution first yourself to understand the value it will add to your business.

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